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Accessible location at the intersection of time and space

A 4-minute walk from JR / Kintetsu Sakurai Station South Exit!

There are many bus stops, convenience stores, and restaurants that are convenient for sightseeing. Within 4 minutes!

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Google Map

Hotel Name

Guest House Wazakura


883 Sakurai, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture

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4-minute walk from JR / Kintetsu Sakurai Station South Exit

Access list

  • When using a car

    There is a free parking lot in the shopping district diagonally facing Guest House Wazakura.

    【Access method 1:Osaka】
    From Kinki Expressway, take Mihara IC / Hanwa Expressway to Minami-Hanna Road to Minami Minami-Hanna Road, Katsuragi IC to Yamato Takada / Kashihara.

    【Access method 2:Kyoto】
    From Kyoto/ Joyo IC, take Keinawa Expressway to Kashihara-kita IC, Kashihara-kita IC, and head towards Sakurai on the Chuchu Chuwakansen.

    Yes. (Free)

    【Route guidance】
    1. Turn left at the intersection of "Tatekoji" heading east from the direction of Kashihara on "Ise Honkaido" on Route 165.
    The pawn shop is a landmark.

    2. Go straight and you will see Araya-san at the end.
    The left side of "Araya" is "Guest House Wazakura".

    3. The right front of "Araya" is the contracted parking lot.
  • When coming from Kintetsu Sakurai Station

    1. After exiting the ticket gate, go straight and take the escalator on the right toward JR.

    2. Go down the stairs on the left side of the south exit rotary at the end and go east along the railroad for 2 minutes toward the police station.

    3. When you see Yakiniku "Sakura", turn right toward "Gyukame" butcher shop. (Chuodori Shopping Street)

    4. If you turn left at Sakurai Coffee at the end of the road, you will find Guest House Wazakura.