2. Inside this facility/facilities

Inside this facility/facilities

A 200-year-old building renovated with a modern flavor

Classical modern furniture and furnishings

We will show you the facilities in this facility to make your stay comfortable.

Facility map

This is a floor plan of Guest House Wazakura's accommodation space and shared space.

List of facilities in this facility

Welcome to Guest House Wazakura!
We will introduce the facilities in this facility so that you can use it comfortably.
  • whole

    In line with the streets of Ise Kaido (highway),
    The façade was landscaped in the style of a townhouse.
    The eaves on the first floor are sheds,
    The second floor has wooden balustrades and udatsu fire walls.
  • front door

    The entrance of Guest House Wazakura is through the lattice door on the left.
    When you arrive, please press the intercom on the 1st floor of the guesthouse.
    Reception will be held at Okamoto's house on the left.
    At that time, we will inform you of the password for the numeric keypad.
    We have a vending machine next to the entrance.
    Please use it.
  • entrance

    The 1st floor entrance hallway wall is finished with a corridor-like wall painting of cherry trees with a motif of Japanese cherry blossoms, creating a modern Japanese space.
    Shigaraki pottery figurines are displayed at the entrance of the second floor.
    The accommodation is on the second floor.


    1st floor
  • Accommodation space

    When you go up the round staircase, you are welcomed by the light of two classic lamps hanging from the ceiling of the atrium.
    In addition, modern art lanterns illuminate the entrance from the high ceiling.
    On the stairs is an old clock belonging to my great-grandfather who was a clock dealer in the early Meiji era.
    It still keeps accurate time.


    2nd floor
  • reception hall

    There is a carved transom on the upper right of the counter using the alcove board.
    An old clay wall remains on the left wall.
    At the front, you can enjoy the owner's wife's creative obi decoration every season.


    2nd floor
  • Gathering corner

    I put a red long-lasting and a chabudai.
    It is a place for eating, drinking and chatting, such as watching TV.
    There is a cushion in the long-lasting.
    Feel free to use it.


    2nd floor
  • washroom

    At the back of the entrance is a Shigaraki ware basin.
    The wall colors are blue and tan.
    "Aoyoshi" is the pillow language of Nara.
    There is a shower room and toilet on the right, and a fully automatic washing machine on the left.


    2nd floor
  • shower room

    A compact shower room.


    1st floor/Second floor

    Number of Rooms

    <1st floor> 1 room/<2nd floor> 2 rooms
  • toilet with washer

    A toilet equipped with a hot water washlet.


    1st floor/Second floor/3rd floor

    Number of Rooms

    <1st floor> 1 room/<2nd floor> 2 rooms/<3rd floor> 1 room
  • mini kitchen

    I made a wooden kitchen using metal fittings and drawers from old furniture.
    Refrigerator,Microwave,Toaster oven,electric kettle,IH cookware,
    Equipped with pots, tableware, kitchen paper, coffee and tea (free drinks).


    2nd floor
  • free room

    Even though it is a guest house, telework is possible in an office-like environment.
    Please use it for meals, social gatherings, and social gatherings.

    【Facilities】10 desks/20 chairs/High-speed LAN/Free Wi-Fi


    2nd floor

    Terms of use

    Please use it freely.
  • dining

    The kitchen where breakfast is prepared for guests staying at Guest House Wazakura.


    1st floor breakfast venue
  • remote space

    It is a very bright and quiet room with good lighting.
    Please use it for workcation during your stay.


    3rd floor
  • The tricycle wheel

    This is a rental cycle station on the first floor.
    When you open the lattice door in the back and the fusuma with various Japanese tortoiseshell surfaces, you will find a rental space.


    1st floor

List of other facilities

Number of rooms

6 rooms in total:4 western style rooms/2 Japanese-style rooms/Other 0 rooms
Western-style interior:4 single rooms(4㎡)/0 double rooms(-)

room supplement

4 western style capsule rooms (double size bed)

standard room equipment

Air conditioning in all rooms/tv set

Equipment in this facility

【free equipment】
Parking lot ~ 10 cars / Free Wi-Fi / Remote work possible / TV (discussion room) / Air conditioner / 4 toilets / 3 shower rooms / Washbasin 4 / Refrigerator / Microwave / Oven toaster / Electric kettle / IH cooking utensils / Pot / Tableware / Kitchen paper / 2 air purifiers with humidification / dehumidification / TV (discussion room) / 36 square meters free room / Air conditioner in each room / Documents / Alcohol disinfectant / Service Sheets, throw covers, pillow cases, toilet mats, bath mats that have been washed and heat-treated by a curator / dry cleaner
【Paid equipment]*Please let us know at the reception.
Washing machine(200 yen once/with detergent)

Internet related

Available in all rooms
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free

Complimentary amenities

Rental towel/bath towel/bath mat/paper towel/tissue/hand soap/disinfecting alcohol/2 washroom toilets/4 hair dryers/Body soap/conditioner in shampoo/slipper/Waterproof sheets for children/coffee/tea(free drink)

Paid amenities

Toothbrush(50 yen per set)/Hair brush(50 yen per stick)/Razor(50 yen per stick)/Nightwear (yukata) 200 yen
*Please purchase at reception.

Outline of facility

free room(meal/remote meeting/social gathering)

Service & Leisure(including arrangements)

Electric assist rental cycle:Hotel guest discount 30% OFF → 210 yen/1 hour

Local credit card

JCB / Visa /MASTER/AMEX / Diners

standard check-in time

From 16:00 to 20:00
*Please let us know your approximate check-in time.
*Please contact us if the time is not fixed.
*Please press the intercom on the 1st floor of Guest House Wazakura.

Standard checkout time


Cancellation provisions

4 days to 1 day before:50% of room rate
On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
*If there is a cancellation policy for each accommodation plan, it will take precedence.

We will not charge if it is not possible to stay due to requests from local governments due to natural disasters or the spread of new coronavirus infection, transportation conditions, or circumstances of our guest house.
If you have any questions or details, please contact Guest House Wazakura.